Hi there !

Let's go outside and have the most fun

by Anais ·

Hi there beautiful soul !

I'm so glad that you are checking out our page and joining us soon to one of our epic trip ! My name is Anais, but almost everyone calls me Ana. 

Originally from France, i moved to Bali 8 years ago to find a peaceful lifestyle. 

I created the retreat with my team 2 years ago and we have now host more than 100 people. My passion is to be your greatest cheerleader ! And i definitely have the intention to cheer you up on all the epic waves you will get with us. 

I love talking about life, cats and the surf of course. There is something so magical about surfing that is quite hard to explain right ? With my experience of life and as a surfer, i understood that our mindset is way more powerful that we think and if we work on cultivating positive thoughts we can increase our progress by 50%.

Your confidence and inner strength, ability to handle situations in the line is as important as your technical skills ! Combining an epic mindset and the best waves of your life, you are IN for a trip of a lifetime ! 

I am so excited to meet you here in INDONESIA and talk to you soon