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We strive to weave together elements of adventure, freedom, personal growth, and the sheer joy of riding waves to create an experience that goes beyond the surface

Your Host


One thing is certain: Ana's passion to help others reach their full potential is boundless. Overcoming a challenging past, Ana has mastered her mindset to find more peace in her life, emerging even stronger. With expertise in surfing and a deep sense of empathy, she aspires to guide others to feel confident in and out of the water

Expat in Bali for almost 10 years

Anais left France in search of a life of freedom, peace, and nature. After losing her dad in 2006, she knew she had to find a place where she could truly find herself and explore new horizons. Designer, artist and sensitive soul, Anais had to  adapt to a new way of living in Bali. Exchanging her roots for a better future.

She lives for sunrise surf sessions, sunset bike rides, and flowers in her backpack—a life of mindfulness where we are aligned with who we truly are


Anais shared her story in the magazine "Surf girl mag" of how surfing has helped her overcome various challenges over the last 10 years and has given her a new way of growing. 

With 8 years of surfing experience and over 15 years of understanding life's greatest challenges and the healing journey, Anais shares her knowledge and mindset practices in a simple and accessible way

Nothing but Truth & Freedom

In the vibrant surf community of Bali, Anais crossed paths with an extraordinary team of individuals. 

Fuelled by their passion and desire to spread joy, Anais and the team came together to create surf retreats dedicated to bringing happiness, growth and unforgettable experiences to others.

Discover the beauty of Lombok

Join them as they weave together friendship, surf, and the pursuit of happiness to create truly amazing experiences that will leave you forever changed.