Experience of a lifetime

Enjoy our signature coaching retreat, "WAVES and FREEDOM," on the beautiful island of Lombok, Indonesia. Epic rides in breathtaking spots while refocusing on high vibe living !


Quality rides, freedom & well being


Immerse yourself in a paradise of palm trees, stunning beaches and majestic volcanic peaks : the best backdrop to surf your heart out ! 

For Mens and Womens

We welcome all surfing levels

Guided by our experienced surf coaches and Anais unique approach to Mindset Mastery, you'll reach a whole new level of growth and improvement

Together we set your goal and practice :

  • Paddle Strength
  • Take off and positioning
  • Wave reading
  • Looking down the line
  • Following the wave
  • Cross stepping
  • Cut backs

Benefits of improving your mindset

➺ Boost your confidence

➺ Increase your focus and concentration

➺ Resilience to stay motivated and keep moving forward

➺ Visualization and mental rehearsal

➺ Managing your emotions, staying calm and focused will allow you to take better decisions in any situation

The way we navigate our thoughts has a profound impact on our daily surf sessions. 

Mental practices and daily support are just as crucial as technique to become a better surfer and fully enjoy each wave.

Even a minor improvement in mindset can result in significant gains in performance and satisfaction in your surfing



➺ Negative self talk / overthinking

➺ Self doubts

➺ High expectations and pressure

➺ Anxiety and panic to paddle out 

➺ Frustration and stress

➺ Lack of progress


It's all about the fun with us ! I'm so glad you are joining cos everything that i planned for you is too epic

Longboard retreat

Program detail

➺ Daily Surf Coaching : we surf every morning at sunrise for about 2 hours until your arms are jelly

➺ Surf Analysis : a great way to observe and understand your surf tendencies and patterns to make them your biggest strength

➺ Longboard Clinic: Master Cross-Stepping and Land Pop-Ups for Smooth Maneuvers

➺ Mindset workshop : this is where we chat about life and go deep within to uncover what is blocking you from taking your skills to the next level. 

Visualization, Group Sharing, and Self-Reflection are our most powerful practices

➺ 1:1 land coaching with Ana

➺ Yin yoga and stretching

➺ Cooking workshop : a culinary journey into local culture with Nine - Nine

➺ Surf skate practice to enhance movement and balance


Kind words from our guests

I like how human and spiritual this retreat was, beyond the surfing. I experienced a deep spiritual journey, I got closer to my inner self, I felt inspired and recharged with amazing and rare energy. I loved how we did not feel everything was so planned, it was flowing. The team was really proessional. I felt welcomed and appreciated thanks to the kind and open minded people in Lombok. I am changed forever !


Longboard retreat was a dream! A positive and uplifting week full of amazing waves and expert coaching. We also enjoyed activities like surf skate and a local cooking class! Everything was so well organized but also laid back and relaxing. Memories I will keep forever as well as incredible new friendships. Thank you thank you!


I had such an amazing week with Anaïs and her team! I learned so much, both in the water and on land, to improve my surfing and met the most incredible people


This week in Lombok was simply magical! The people, the coaches, the hotel and the waves were the best! If you are looking for the best longboard experience and gain more confidence look no further!


I knew this retreat would be Amazing and it was better ! Anaïs, Damar, Billy, Deca were perfect coachs, very professionnels, they want you to progress ! And they are good partners in fun too ! Miss the coconut crew 🌺


Way more than just a surf retreat. If you are thinking about booking a spot, stop thinking and just do it ! It'll be the best decision you can make for yourself ! You'll go back home with so many good memories, surf skills and full of joy and hapiness !


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